What We Do
We Provide Ground Application of Herbicides and Fertilizers

Hipp Enterprises, Inc. specializes in turnkey herbicide and fertilizer ground application skidders that are custom engineered and fitted with spray systems specific to forestry applications. We help clients determine the most effective use of herbicides and fertilizers based on their specific objectives. In addition, we are licensed dealers of commercial herbicide and fertilizer applications, and we are able to provide the technical assistance to prescribe the appropriate applications. 

Unlike aerial herbicide application, ground application gives us the ability to spray selectively, therefore eliminating the growth of any competing vegetation that detracts from the growth of the desired vegetation.

Bulldozer Services

In addition to herbicide and fertilizer application work, we provide bulldozer services that complement our other services and help create beautiful and functional rural properties. These services include minor road construction and maintenance, food plot construction, and general clearing and raking.

Let Us Help You Cultivate a Faster-Growing Forest

By taking advantage of our services, landowners are able to cultivate faster-growing, scenic forests by preventing competition from weeds and other unwanted vegetation. In addition, our services are extremely useful in the creation of wildlife habitats; we can selectively spray food plots to develop habitats that allow various wildlife species to grow and reproduce rapidly.

Our coverage area includes South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, and our clientele ranges from large paper companies with thousands of acres of land, to foresty consultants managing land for their clients, to private landowners with smaller tracts of land.

We guarantee that we will provide the desired results. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you increase the return on your timberland investment.

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Services We Provide
Site Preparation

Site Preparation is the beginning process in planting pine trees, or reforestation.  It is necessary to have good site READ MORE >>

Release Treatment

A release treatment is usually applied 1-3 years after pine trees have been planted. Treatments are applied to control herbaceous READ MORE >>

Understory Herbicide Control

Understory herbicide control is done for two major reasons: pine growth enhancement and wildlife habitat enhancement. READ MORE >>


Fertilization is a tool that can be used to help shorten the rotation of a pine stand and therefore provide a faster return on READ MORE >>

V-Blade Planting

V-blade planting is a method of planting trees in rows for easier management and logging. Trees planted using this method READ MORE >>

Bulldozer Services

We perform dozer work on land throughout South Carolina. We have four John Deere 650 dozers and one Caterpillar D6H. READ MORE >>