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Company History

Hipp Enterprises was founded in 1994 by brothers Todd and Eric Hipp. The company started with one truck and a C6D Treefarmer skidder. A few years after the company's inception, their younger brother, Chad, joined their ranks becoming the third partner in 1998. Later, Hipp Enterprises incorporated as Hipp Enterprises, Inc. (HEI). In 2011, HEI added another location in Walterboro, SC. This location will help serve a growing clientale in the low country of South Carolina.

In Hipp Enterprises' first year of business, the company had one skidder and sprayed approximately 2000 acres. Now, we have four skidders and spray more than 30,000 acres per year. In 2000, we added a custom built fertilizer unit to a skidder and later added another. Currently we fertilize as many as 10,000 acres in a season.

About the Owners

Todd Hipp

Todd Hipp is the oldest of the three Hipp brothers. Todd graduated from The University of South Carolina in 1994 with a B.A. in history. His wife, Margaret Ann, and he were married January 2, 1999. Margaret Ann is a healthcare insurance and billing specialist for Newberry Medical Billing.

To reach Todd, call him at 803-924-0978, or e-mail him at todd@hippenterprises.com

Eric Hipp

Todd's younger brother, Eric, is a 1998 graduate of The University of South Carolina with a B.S. in Business Administration Management. Eric has twins, John North and Ava Ryan, and a younger son, James Noah. Eric and his lives in Walterboro, South Carolina. 

To reach Eric, call him at 803-924-4131, or e-mail him at eric@hippenterprises.com.

Chad Hipp

The youngest of the three brothers, Chad, attended The University of South Carolina. 

To reach Chad, call him at 803-924-5940, or e-mail him at chad@hippenterprises.com.

Contact Us

Office Information:

632 Bethany Schoolhouse Road
Saluda, SC 29138 

Company Email:

Walterboro Office
P: 803-924-4131

Saluda Office
P: 803-924-5940