What is the purpose of pine stand fertilization?

Fertilization is a tool that can be used to help increase the rate of growth of a pine stand and shorten the length of the rotation. This makes earlier harvesting of the trees possible and ultimately provides landowners with a faster return on their investments. 

Midrotation fertilization by means of skidders is advantageous because it allows for application of the fertilizer to specific areas. If certain parts of the tract have not been thinned, then we do not fertilize them.  Also, if there are drains, SMZs, gullies, or areas that are not in pine production, we do not fertilize in these areas. Since we apply from the ground, we are able to see where fertilizer should and should not go and can therefore maximize every dollar invested by the land owner. 

Alternatives to Traditional Fertilizer

Over the course of the last few years, fertilizer prices have nearly tripled due to the rising price of fuel, and there is no end in site to these rising costs. Accordingly, our future interests include the application of alternative and organic fertilizers, which we can use in the place of more expensive fertilizers.

With changing markets, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and stay abreast of alternate methods of forestry fertilization. Research has been conducted on several different raw materials ranging from biosolids, to mill sludge, to poultry litter. Although these methods are not commonly used in the forest industry, we can work with land owners, forestry consultants, and other research experts to attain the desired results.

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