Understory Herbicide Control

A forest before any understory treatment has been applied.

A forest understory one year after understory treatment has been applied.

The final results after understory treatment has been applied.

What is Understory Herbicide Control?

Understory herbicide control entails the use of skidders for application of herbicide treatment to the forest understory, and is one of the most effective ways to eliminate unwanted vegetation.  

Unlike with aerial herbicide treatment, we are able to go under the pine stand and not harm the growing pine trees, using whatever herbicides necessary to help clients attain their forestry and/or wildlife management goals.

Understory herbicide control is often performed midway through a growth rotation (14 to 18 years) of a stand of trees. 

Why perform an Understory Herbicide Treatment?

It is done for three major reasons: 

1. Pine Growth Enhancement

Removal of hardwood competition can increase growth one to two tons per acre per year for six to seven years following treatment. In addition, the removal of the hardwood midstory improves the forest's aesthetics.

2. Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

Removal of the midstory hardwoods encourages the growth of desirable wildlife plants. 

3. Better Access to the Forest

When the midstory hardwoods are removed, it is possible to access the forest more easily.  This can enhance recreational activities such as hunting.

Key Benefits of Understory Herbicide Control
  • Decreased competition therefore pine stand is able to grow faster
  • Aesthetics - easier access to land and provides increased visibility
  • Decreases hardwoods and increases wildlife food
  • Along with fertilization, shortens the rotation allowing for harvesting sooner
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